The ROOTS application concept is designed to support anorexic people in advanced recovery.  It simplifies the daily routine with functions such as a weekly plan in which users can plan their daily meals and a shopping list that is generated automatically. All data is collected in the background and displayed visually. Based on the captured data, the garden "grows" on the homescreen as long as the app receives input.  The garden develops individually and reacts to the user. If the user forgets the input or his values deteriorate, the garden becomes "cold". If all values are continuously very good, the garden becomes "warm".
In the case of long-term and positive use, functions within the app are gradually deactivated to counteract the user's controlling obsession. In the end, only the diary and the Brieffeund (an independent, randomly assigned contact person for emergency situations) are left.
This project was created in fabulous collaboration with Sarah Gerbers, Meike Hollnaicher and David Kormann. It was part of Jasmin Urban's bachelor studies at DHBW.
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