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Culture is created through people thinking "differently".
At the beginning, the audience is confronted with an abstruse situation and encouraged to develop their own ideas about the outcome of the situation. Through the twist within each teaser, these ideas are broken and a resolution is shown, which clarifies the topic of the corresponding interview.
This project was created in amazing collaboration
with Johannes Kuhn and Lukas Jakel. It was part of Jasmin Urban's bachelor studies at DHBW and was nominated for the German Design Award.
Franz Christian Gundlach
Inspiration gained from his interview:
"Every portrait is a dialogue between two people. The important thing is to reach the core."
– own translation from German
The photographer F. C. Gundlach is working with portraits of people. In the recorded interview he describes his work with Romy Schneider. It is essential that a picture shows several levels, it must express the true character.
Arno Gruen
Inspiration gained from his interview:
"I wanted to show that our enlightened morality is threatened. We are living with the daily horror. We can see, but do not see."
– own translation from German
The Swiss psychoanalyst Arno Gruen writes about our culture's atrophied ability to feel, claiming that our abstract cognitive thinking is to blame. We have learned to look away, although we could observe emotionally.
Dimiter Gotscheff
Inspiration gained from his interview:
"Silence is the beginning of creativity.
Before the word comes, something else is there."
– own translation from German
Theatre director Dimiter Gotscheff often confronts his actors with silence; fear but also creativity grows out of the void. Spaces emerge in which time becomes perceptible.
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